Remember me







When a relationship ends, why would we refuse to leave things in the past? Either because we are hurt or injured, especially when it was a relationship that seemed to promise happiness and ended without one more day.

We could say that we refuse because we are too proud to forgive. Maybe not sincere enough and do not want to forget who we loved in many cases.

It is harder when we had to renounce this thing or that one. Sometimes there are relationships that have no future. But, it happens that when reminding someone who seems to be there always, that emerges in my mind, in my days of enthusiasm, when I was particularly happy … makes me happy. And I would also take up those days that could smile with someone who’s gone.

Feel connected with a thousand of stories to go through life. But is it good to remember? Perhaps not any good, sometimes, but … remember we are here to LIVE…and it’s true… If we think positively, life teaches us always. And especially, if it gets you to happiness in the end. then you decide to return to those special moments, that make you smile, those happy memories…



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