“ Phrases of the Little Prince”

“All adults were originally children. (Although few of them remember it ) . “

“… with the heart , the essential is invisible to the eyes” .

” When told of a new friend, ever wonder about the essence of it. They never think to ask , “What games do you prefer? Do you like collecting butterflies ” But instead they ask :” How old are you ? How many brothers do you have? How much does your father make? ”

“Older people are never able to figure things out for themselves, and it is very boring for the kids having to give explanations over and over again .”

“We must not expect too much of a person.”

“It was like a hundred thousand other foxes. But I did him my friend and now he is the unique in the world. ”

“I wonder if the stars were lit so that one day , everyone can find theirs .”

” If you let yourself be tamed , you may cry a little … ”

“It was the time you spent with your rose that made ​​it so important.”

“Walking in a straight line , could not lead me very far .”

“When a mystery is too awesome, we can not disobey .”

“For vain people, all other men are admirers .”

“I ‘ll look at her and would not say anything .  The word is a source of misunderstandings .”

“… when you are sad , the sunsets are beautiful.”


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