Sorry Doesn’t Always Cut It

Love is always a question of giving and forgiving.

Anglis Mortes



I’m sure we have all had issues with family members where a disagreement can’t be resolved.  Whatever the issue and reasons behind each person’s disagreement, sometimes the only way to move on is to stop bringing it up.  Sweep it under the rug and move on, Sometimes that is the only way to continue having a future with the person.

Sometimes we create wounds that scar on friends and family.  Sometimes we aren’t sorry or mean whatever verbal thing we did.  When you’re a child, you’re taught that Saying sorry fixes everything.  In the adult real world, you should realize that is not the case.  Sorry isn’t a magical word to erase everything. 

Sometimes sorry doesn’t cut it.  It’s up to someone to accept the apology and move on, or not.  Sometimes family members will hold grudges and it seems they don’t want anything to do with you.  That…

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